uLAN Object Interface Browser

version 0.1.2 - array, string support

uLAN Object Interface Browser (Linux)
uloi_browser in Linux OS, GTK2
uLAN Object Interface Browser (Windows)
uloi_browser in Windows Vista OS

Projects and Solutions which Use uLAN Communication


Open-source chromatography system for everyone. Source forge project page

CHROMuLAN Open-source Chromatography System
CHROMuLAN version 0.92 running on Debian GNU/Linux system
PiKRON Instruments Controlled by CHROMuLAN over uLAN
CHROMuLAN controlling HPLC instruments setup


Open source software for chromatography and mass spectrometry based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). The CHROMuLAN plugin has been developed for this system which allows to run data acquisition from uLAN connected devices from the OpenChrom system environment.

OpenChrom Running Data Acquisition from uLAN Connected Devices
OpenChrom with data acqusition plugin, LCD5000 and ULAD32 aquisition channels