ulan Driver and Protocol Base Documentation (ul_drv)(PDF)
Contents: What is uLan, Message Protocol, uLan Driver for Linux and Windows, uLan Interface and Services - network management and common applications commands, uLan Object Interface Layer - short introduction and common objects IDs numbers
uLan Protocol and Its Utilization in Applications Presentation
Contents: Little about uLan History, uLan Message Protocol, End User Applications (CHROMuLAN System, Automatic Feeding System, Home Automation)
Process Data Connection Channels in uLan Network for Home Automation and Other Distributed Applications (PDF)
The paper published at 13th Real-Time Linux Workshop. The main focus of the paper is placed on publisher-subscriber data communication channels service implemented for uLAN home automation applications.
uLAN Presentation Slides (PDF)
from above mentioned conference
uLan Protocol and Its Utilization in Applications - Poster (PDF)
The poster presented on the conference Process Control 2005
uLan Project Utilities Manual Pages
ul_asc, ul_asd, ul_dysn, ul_lcabsp, ul_lcscan, ul_oitool, ul_pdotool, ul_sendhex, ul_sendmsg, ul_spy, usb_sendhex,
uLUt Library - uLan/Universal Light Utilities Library
Double linked lists, Generalized AVL trees (GAVL), hierarchical timers framework (HTIMER), Dynamic buffer(DBUFF), Event connectors infrastructure (EVC) etc.
uLEvPoll Library - uLan/Universal Light Event Poll Library
Minimal but highly environment agnostic system events processing library supporting select,poll, epoll, libevent and Gtk+/Glib based main loop processing.